Release date: 2 October 2009

Publisher: Rockstar Games

Developer: Rockstar Leeds

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Hit the studio and craft some beats on PSP with a little help from Timbaland.

• Live Play gets you started quickly as Timbaland guides you through experimenting with pre-arranged templates of his own loops and sounds

• Studio lets you add, delete, and replace loops, or add your own vocals using the built-in microphone, or an attached microphone

• Create your own unique beats and sounds in Song Crafter to use across all three modes



What It's Like To Play

A world class collaboration


A world class collaboration

Developed and produced in conjunction with the multi-platinum selling music producer Timbaland, Rockstar Games have designed an incredibly simple to use and portable music making application that allows everyone to create their own music anywhere, any time.

Beaterator allows the more experienced music creators to work with an array of tools to explore and create brand new tracks. Using Live Play you can experiment with pre-arranged templates of loops and sounds in just a few seconds. Or should you want to delve deeper, you can head into the Studio to build a creation using the thousands of loops and sounds provided by both Rockstar and Timbaland, even adding your own vocals to make complete songs.

Studio sessions


Studio sessions

Entering Studio Mode in Beaterator is where Rockstar and Timbaland's music creator begins to grow deeper, incorporating the more technical aspect of music making into the studio. Here, you're greeted with a huge wealth of options including audio bars and beats per minute (bpm) to assist you in improving your musical creation skills.

This main mode houses such kit as an effects editor, mixer, drum crafter, loop crafter, sound recorder, melody machine and even a vocal recorder for sampling your own sound bites and adding them into your track a little bit later.

Supporting this exhilarating range of options are a series of video tutorials all voiced by Timbaland and presented as accessible as possible so as to ensure everyone, from the uninitiated to the more experienced, can get to grips with Beaterator.

Live and kicking


Live and kicking

Live Play mode's simplified interface lets you scan through the huge range of available genres, select eight of them and then loop each one on the fly. While you lay down your track, Timbaland appears on-screen behind a studio recording deck, dancing and moving to the beats you're creating, adding plenty of colour to the experience.

Navigating between each of the tracks with the directional buttons, you can assign any drum beat, bass lines, vocals and synthesizer tracks to each of the directional buttons, swapping them in and out for new samples whenever you feel like changing things up. By pressing the R button you're then able to switch between various musical genres, introducing even more musical elements to your track such as cymbol crashes, high hat beats and heavy bass line riffs.

Master the music


Master the music

Beaterator houses a huge number of options, samples and loops, and with two modes available you'll be able to practise your skills in Live Mode, crafting some genuinely great sounding tracks, and soon move on to the more technical side of things.

With knowledge of sound production not a necessity to play Beaterator, you'll soon be conjuring up a wealth of toe-tapping hip hop, dance and funky tunes whether you're at home or on the move. Thanks to both the game's accessibility and the deep tutorial videos supplied by Rockstar and Timbaland, Beaterator is an exciting new music software creator every PSP owner should have the chance to experience and share with friends and fellow aspiring musicians.

And with a little bit of time and effort in the studio you can create genuine studio quality tracks to share with your friends, or the rest of the world by uploading them to the Rockstar Social Club website, once you have exported them from your PSP and onto your PC.

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