Half-Minute Hero

Release date: 12 February 2010

Publisher: Rising Star Games Ltd.

Developer: Marvelous Entertainment Inc.

Available on:
Role-Playing Game
1 - 4

Celebrate Hello Kitty's birthday and solve puzzles to customise your PSP.

  • Complete over 30 challenging Hello Kitty jigsaws, and collect over 70 wallpapers.
  • Match Hello Kitty faces with their favourite foods and see how many you can feed.
  • Show your puzzle solving talents and reveal the perfect picture image.



What It's Like To Play

Retro is better


Retro is better

Set in a 2D world, Half-Minute Hero has been designed with a retro gaming look by developer Marvellous Games, which is perfect for PSP gamers looking for a game with a truly unique appeal. Designed to resemble the classic 8-bit games of yesteryear, Half-Minute Hero takes its visual cues from the likes of Final Fantasy.

With its tongue-in-cheek humour, retro sprite design and a wealth of addictive ways to play, Half-Minute Hero is the perfect PSP game if you want fast and fun bursts of action that will put your gaming abilities and reflexes to the test.

A handful of heroes


A handful of heroes

Each of the game modes in Half-Minute Hero feature a different character for you to take control of. In Hero mode, you play as Hero 30, a single traveller that made a pact with the Time Goddess and began his long journey to save the world from destruction. In Evil Lord mode you play as the Evil Lord, a demon who has chosen to punish all mankind for his mortal lover.

In Princess mode, you wield a bow and arrow while defeating hordes of enemies and collecting special medicines that will heal your ill father, the King. Lastly, in Knight mode you play as the Knight 30, a character brought back to life by his sidekick, the Sage, who can cast spells to rid areas of monsters.

Fast and furious


Fast and furious

Have you got the skills and speed to master some of the fastest gameplay ever on PSP? Welcome to the world of Half-Minute Hero, an intriguing game that requires you to conquer over 100 levels of mind-bending puzzles and tasks with just 30 seconds at a time on the clock.

With four modes to choose from, Half-Minute Hero features Hero, Princess, Knight and Evil Lord missions. During each one you are limited to a 30 second window in which you have to complete your goal; should the timer reach zero, the mission is over.

In Hero mode, you will encounter a mission that requires you to save the world from destruction at the hands of an evil force. Assisted by the Time Goddess you must pray to the statues that she has placed throughout the level, in order to replenish the ticking clock. However, praying costs money and cost rises each time you do so, earning cash is derived from battling monsters dotted throughout the world map.

In Princess mode, your goal is to save the King from a terrible illness by venturing outside the castle walls, defeating monsters and locating special items which will help him recover. The catch is the Queen will only keep the castle doors open for 30 seconds at a time so you need to be extremely fast at retrieving each object.

Things take a twist in Evil Lord mode where the game takes a Real Time Strategy (RTS) twist and the object is to fend off attacks coming towards you using the appropriate troops in battle. Lastly, you have Knight mode where the goal is to let the clock run out as you try and cast a spell on the map to rid the area of invading monsters.

Half minute heroes or villains?


Half minute heroes or villains?

Half-Minute Hero features Wireless multiplayer via Ad Hoc Mode where you can play alongside three other friends. Choose from up to three maps to battle against the Evil Lord on. Strategies for each map will vary as you play through them but end goal remains the same - defeat the Evil Lord.

As well as fighting alongside your friends, you can also fight against them in Battle mode, where you can trigger battles by holding down the R button and colliding with them to initiate a duel. If you encounter your friend while they are battling monsters, you can press the R button again to join the monsters and try and defeat your opponent. Should you lose, your hero gauge will be halved, so make sure you want to fight before you trigger one!

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Genre: Real Time Strategy
Release date: 12 March 2010
12+ViolenceBad languageOnline Gameplay