Dynasty Warriors 5: Empires

Release date: 23 June 2006
Developer: KOEI


The action-packed series evolves to give armchair generals even more control over their conquest of Feudal China.

In the violent era of Emperors and warlords, Dynasty Warriors 5 Empires builds upon the explosive action of Dynasty Warriors 5 and Xtreme Legends with the Empire mode.

Begin with one province and use you strategic and tactical skills to grow your empire one province at a time. Order your troops in battle or take direct control yourself to ensure victory, grow your territory and swell your coffers.

  • A tactical take on the all-action Dynasty Warriors 5
  • Create and edit your own bespoke elite officers or head into battle with legendary Dynasty Warriors such as Lui Bei
  • Two-player, split-screen co-op action in both Empire and Free modes